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Every client is different, the amount of energy you use, the time of day, and how you use it. So it is important that when you arer looking to reduce your energy cost that the right solution or solutions are available.

At Quality Energy we know there is no one size fits all. Our energy audit will individually assess your unique energy needs and design a solution to fit. You will be pleased to know we have lots of tools to help. ​

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Power Efficiency


Power Factor Correction

Our world-class Power Factor Correction Systems will raise your business efficiency, lower your carbon footprint and reduce your risk of equipment failure. This saves your business time, energy and money.


Solar Energy

With the continuously increasing demand for electric power, the significantly high price of oil and the growing concern for the environment, many businesses are resorting to alternative sources of energy.


Voltage Optimisation

Did you know that approximately 70% of businesses receive voltage at a higher level than required?

When your company is running on a higher Voltage than required, it is a little like driving your car with your foot flat to the floor.

light bulb

LED Lighting

Lighting accounts for a significant portion of a business’s electricity usage, sometimes even up to 25%. This means that making changes to your lighting can in turn reduce electricity demand and your running costs.

Power Quality

Power Quality Audit

Is your business suffering from unexplained electrical faults, failures or power spikes? A power quality audit will identify issues and give us the data we need to design an appropriate solution for your business.

Active Harmonic Filtering

Harmonic frequencies in the power grid are a frequent cause of power quality problems.

Harmonics in power systems result in increased in heating of the equipment and the conductors, misfiring in variable speed drives and torque pulsations in motors.

Active Harmonic Filtering eliminates these behaviors through an on-going system of monitoring and intervening.

Client Case Studies

yadina plastics

Total Plastic Solutions

Total Plastic Solutions power supply company changed their tariff structure  and started penalising the company for having a low power factor.   

heart beat

Royal Melbourne Hospital

Harmonic interference was detected in close proximity to the ECG equipment in the new outpatients wing.

high rise

Rialto Towers

At the Rialto Towers a poor power factor was causing large current surges on the lift switchboards and tripping of the lift circuit breakers.


Melbourne Airport

Australia’s second busiest commercial airport had a low power factor and an issue with polluting harmonics.

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