What is Power Factor?

Inefficient electrical systems tend to use a large quantity of ‘reactive’ power (kVAr), which represents the power lost in the operation of inductive equipment such as transformers and electric motors. This invariably increases the total power load represented by your kVA –and reduces your overall energy efficiency, or ‘Power Factor’.

Power Factor is the ratio between your kVA, or total power load, and your kW, or the actual power working for your business. Power factor is measured on a scale between zero and one, with 1.0 representing optimal energy efficiency.

Smaller gap equales to lower power factor and reduced electricity bill (suppliers charge for total kVA)

The Coffee Analogy

Froth on a coffee is like wasted energy.

Why install a Power Factor Correction System (PFC)?

Installing custom-built Capacitor Banks and Controllers minimizes wasted energy, improves plant efficiency and ultimately saves you money.
It also helps rectify any overloading issues you may have and gives you the opportunity to expand your plant without upgrading transformer or supply equipment.
It is not uncommon for the installation costs of a properly designed system to be recovered 6-24 months after installation.​

Our world-class Power Factor Correction Systems will raise your business efficiency, lower your carbon footprint and reduce your risk of equipment failure. This saves your business time, energy and money.