What is Power Quality Audit?

Is your business suffering from unexplained electrical faults, failures or power spikes? A power quality audit will identify issues and give us the data we need to design an appropriate solution for your business.

MYeBOX® is an intuitive portable power analyzer that provides detailed information on all electrical parameters, on the network quality and transients of an electrical installation, providing full access to the information by connecting you directly to the unit via the app from mobile devices or by connecting you to the Cloud.

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What Will a Power Quality Audit Tell Me?

After we conduct a power audit, we will able to inform you whether you require a power quality solution that will benefit your business.

We will also identify the potential cost and power savings available to you. We can then tailor this system to meet the specific needs of your business.

What sort of business can benefit from an Audit?

  • Industrial sites
  • Commercial sites and buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Oil platforms and drilling rigs
  • Mine sites
  • Construction projects
  • Government buildings