Voltage Optimisation Benefits

Voltage optimisation brings the voltage within your premises to the optimum level for the efficient and safe operation of your equipment. When many types of equipment receive voltage within this optimum range, they consume less power and last longer—resulting in significant financial savings for a business.

The optimisation of voltage is illustrated in the chart below. The green band reflects the voltage range that the majority of electrical equipment operates most efficiently within. The left hand side of the chart is before the Ark unit is installed, and you can see the voltage move into the optimum range once the Ark is installed.

When is Voltage Optimisation Suitable?

Voltage Optimisation provides many benefits, however it is not right for all clients and all buildings. There are important factors that need to be taken into account on every project to determine if voltage optimisation is suitable.

Some Key Factors in Appraising the Suitability of Voltage Optimisation

  • Your present voltage
  • The type of equipment using your electricity
  • Consistency of electricity usage
  • Available space nearby to your Main Switchboard
  • The age and condition of your Main Switchboard
  • The length of your tenure in your building