How does a higher Voltage impact my business?

A more efficient voltage means a more efficient business. Reduced voltage can mean reduced costs. Did you know that approximately 70% of businesses receive voltage at a higher level than required ?

When your company is running on a higher Voltage than required, it is a little like driving your car with your foot flat to the floor.

Most Australian equipment is designed to run at a particular voltage and when it receives a higher voltage it will not run at an optimum state. Just like your car, you will use more energy to arrive at the same destination. And the chance of equipment failure along the way is higher.

In our experience, over many years and industry types, we’ve found that approximately 70% of buildings can achieve a commercially viable return on investment from voltage optimisation.

Why is there a need for it?

Approximately 70% of buildings in Australia receive electricity at a higher voltage than they need.

The allowable voltage range in Australia is 216-253 volts (AS60038). Due to the nature of the electricity grid, most buildings receive voltage on the higher end of this range.

Receiving high voltage levels can result in:

Increased energy consumed by many types of equipment

Reduced operating lifespans of equipment

Increased repairs and maintenance costs

Increased electricity costs