Solar System Maintenance

Continue reaping the benefits of your solar system by scheduling regular maintenance. Constant care will keep your system running at 100% efficiency and maximize equipment life.

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Why do my Solar Panels require servicing

Dust, leaves, bird droppings, air pollution—anything that likes a flat shiny surface will accumulate on your panels over time, greatly decreasing the performance of your system. Addressing these issues on a regular basis will enable you to maximize the yield of your investment.

Setting and forgetting your solar system can lead to as much as a 40% reduction in output of your array, vastly diminishing your return on investment

Since a large majority of your system is open to the elements, it is imperative that it be regularly cleaned and inspected by an experienced electrician.

Constant operation throughout the day puts a strain on all of the electrical elements of your solar panels and inverters. For safety reasons and to prevent inconvenient and expensive breakdowns, a regular service is required for optimum efficiency and peace of mind.

The three key reasons for cleaning and checking your Solar System

Keeping your system regularly maintained guarantees your Solar System’s performance to remain at optimal levels
Did you know all systems can come with manufactures warranties that have clauses to maintain your system to avoid voiding your warranty? With better performance, you will see better returns and in turn lower electricity costs
A roof containing electrical cables and solar panels has the potential to be a major safety hazard if not installed correctly. Our qualified team can assess your roof and installation to pick up potential issues before they become a major concern

Quality Energy’s expert engineers will thoroughly inspect these components of your system:


By determining the age of your system and examining panels for wear and tear, we can hold manufactures to their warranties if there are any faults or defects. Picking up issues early will aid in preserving system life at peak level of operation.


Quality Energy’s engineers will analyse your inverters to determine if they are running efficiently.

Cabling & Isolator

We inspect all cabling and isolators to make sure they’re in a safe condition, clear of potential water ingress and are operating correctly.


A relatively simple component but an extremely important one—the integrity of the racking is crucial in maintaining the safety of your panels and of course your roof. Inadequate installations could easily see you with a hefty repair bill.

Overall Performance

Our team will run performance diagnostics to determine the overall output of your system and if needed, suggest how to improve functionality

Think of each string of panels like a water hose. If your water hose is pinched (shading on your panels) at the start of your string, then the rest of the panels are affected

Schedule a regular service with Quality Energy and keep your system running efficiently today.