The Process

Quality Energy want to make it easy for you to implement solar, so we’ll handle as much as we can on your behalf.

Customer to supply tariff information and expected upcoming changes, and an authority for obtaining smart meter data (if applicable).

A site visit identifying the basic electrical infrastructure on site, identifying roofing materials, discussing desired outcomes.

Quality Energy will prepare a proposal with suggestions and options, using the data supplied. A copy is supplied to the customer so relevant parties can consider, discuss and query further. Relevant specifications, yield and savings projections, insurance documents, quality control processes, qualifications and portfolio of work to be supplied.

Once a system option is agreed on, and a purchase order has been issued, the detailed design and electrical drawings can be prepared.

Each distributor has a unique application and approvals process which also varies depending on how big the solar system is. It is also ‘case by case’ as the solar system is essentially a new power station on that part of the grid, and it needs to be safe for the existing infrastructure. Having quality, experienced electrical engineers to ensure this goes smoothly is imperative. In most cases a ‘pre-approval’ will be lodged at this point.

Quality Energy will work with your business to ensure we’re not going to disrupt your operation any more than absolutely necessary, discuss access equipment, period of time to have teams on site, storage (if any) available on site, short timed outage for commissioning (outside of business hours if possible), any additional police checks or clearances required prior to commencement.

As per the agreed project plan, equipment and teams will safely, legally, respectfully carry out the works.

Once physically completed, electrical inspection, supply of warranty documentation, and compliance certificates need to be carried out, signed off and supplied. Log in details are set up for internet web portals, with Quality Energy ensuring the site representative can access theirs through a browser or even app.

For larger solar systems of over 100kWp, metering and an energy trading agreement are set up, so the additional revenue stream from LGCs can happen automatically. This is quite an easy process, with Quality Energy installing metering that the energy trader of choice can read remotely, create, sell and then deposit the income into the nominated bank account.

Quality Energy has decades of experience looking after C&I customers, and are here to support the industry leading warranties offered. The solar systems don’t usually have any moving parts, but it can be a distributor requirement to put into place a ‘maintenance contract’ including annual system inspections, to make sure all the equipment installed in the harsh Australian outdoors is still fit for purpose. To show our commitment to quality, the first 12 month system check is included with all system purchases.