Invest in financial security for your business with Solar Energy

Why Solar Energy?

With the continuously increasing demand for electric power, the significantly high price of oil and the growing concern for the environment, many businesses are considering alternative sources of energy. Solar energy is becoming a sustainable and cost effective solution for businesses all over Australia. 

Having a solar power system installed means you can save money on your electricity bills by generating and using your own power. With energy prices at an all-time high there is no better time to install a solar system in your business.


Only the best and proven energy savings solutions


Marketing Differentation from Competitors


Be Environmentally Friendly


Keep Overheads


Reduce Your Business Energy Cost

Why Us

Our mission is to provide solar solutions that will reduce the impact of rising energy costs on small, medium and large businesses just like yours. We are an Australian owned manufacturer that has been in business for almost 30 years.

Our industry longevity provides the assurance that we conduct our solar division with industry best practices, great professionalism and long-term customer support Australia wide.

The Quality Energy Promise

  • Detailed analysis, high level of accuracy
  • Professional, and always friendly service
  • Quality components, only durable, Tier 1 manufacturer sourced components used
  • Experienced installers, CEC accredited and skilled at their trade
  • Aftercare and support, decades of experience looking after C&I clients
  • Maintenance contract, with the first 12 month system check included

What we offer
  • Solar feasibility
  • In-house system design capability
  • Clean Energy Council Accredited installers
  • Grid connection, engineering
  • Full turnkey solution offering
  • Ongoing monitoring & support
  • Best in class warranties
  • No capital down with finance partners / options available
  • Cash flow positive finance structuring
  • Energy contract review

What You Need To Know

Modern solar solutions can offer a variety of metering, monitoring, load control and ‘smart grid options’. However, the installation of a solar power system requires adherence to safety requirements outlined by both Australian Standards and the Clean Energy Council, as well as abide by the many rules set by the local electricity distributor.

Therefore, requirements for an installation will be unique to the business, its individual energy needs and budget. We can help you assess your needs, propose a compliant turnkey solution and fulfil all design, supply and installation requirements.

The Process

Quality Energy want to make it easy for you to implement solar, so we’ll handle as much as we can on your behalf.

  • Step one: Site Visit
  • Step two: proposal
  • Step three: order
  • Step Four: Approvals
  • Step Five: Project plan
  • Step six: installation
  • Step Seven: Electrical compliance and commissioning
  • Step Eight: ongoing Support and care

A site visit identifying the basic electrical infrastructure on site, identifying roofing materials, discussing desired outcomes. Customer to supply tariff information and expected upcoming changes, and an authority for obtaining smart meter data (if applicable).

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