What is Preventive Maintenance & why is it so important?

Preventive maintenance refers to regular, routine maintenance to help keep equipment running at optimal levels, preventing unplanned downtime and expensive costs due to equipment failure.

Preventive maintenance requires careful planning and scheduling of maintenance on critical equipment—identifying and eliminating potential problems before they arise. Preventive maintenance can be complex, especially for companies with many different types of electrical equipment under the one roof. However, keeping detailed logs with accurate records of all inspections and servicing documents makes it easy to keep track.

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Preventive Maintenance vs. Reactive Maintenance

Many businesses are moving away from a reliance on run-to-failure or reactive maintenance modes, but a majority of organisations still use this method today. Reactive maintenance involves repairing equipment after it has already failed and inoperable.

While it may seem less expensive to operate reactively, planned maintenance can actually be less costly, with studies showing that reactive maintenance can cost up to eight times more.

What expenses could arise without Preventive Maintenance

There are a variety of other expenses associated with unplanned outages, such as lost production, overtime, idle equipment, expedited shipments and other “hidden” costs which can include:

  • Uncontrollable and unpredictable budget costs
  • Greater chance of inspection failure
  • Safety issues
  • Increased downtime for equipment and employees
  • Repeat issues and breakdowns
  • Shorter life expectancy for equipment

When preventive maintenance is planned well in advance, unexpected costs and headaches can be avoided. This method guarantees all parts and maintenance resources are scheduled and accounted for, streamlining the process

Quality Energy can supply your business with the below services

  • Projects, upgrades and unplanned maintenance
  • Building Management & Security Systems
  • Electrical installations & servicing
  • Dedicated maintenance teams
  • Electrical Switchboard Imaging and Thermographic Scanning
  • Electrical switchboard servicing
  • Emergency lighting testing
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Generator Systems Maintenance and Testing
  • LAN/WAN Data Networking Systems
  • Lighting Control Systems & protection testing
  • Preventative & Corrective Maintenance
  • RCD testing
  • Testing and Tagging of Electrical Services and Appliances
  • UPS Systems Maintenance and Testing

Quality Energy’s experts can identify and eliminate potential problems at your site