Why is it important to service my Power Factor Correction System?

Think of your Power Factor Correction system like your motor vehicle. Would you expect your car to keep performing at optimal levels if you didn’t check the tire pressure, oil and all of your electrical connections? Not likely!

The chances are you installed a PFC system to reduce kVA and in turn lower your electricity bills. Like any piece of machinery, it is crucial for regular checkups to ensure optimal performance levels are maintained and keep the system doing the job it was installed to do. Quality Energy have been servicing all types of PFC systems for almost 30 years—in fact this is how we began as a business all those years ago.

What you can expect from a Quality Energy Power Factor Correction Service

It is highly recommended that Power Factor Correction equipment is serviced bi-annually to get the best out of a system. Quality Energy’s expert engineers will complete a full service, which includes but is not limited to;

  • Check capacitor elements for correct levels of reactive power
  • Check reactors for correct harmonics blocking function
  • Check and replace air filters as needed and test ventilation fans to ensure adequate cooling airflow
  • Check joints and connections for “hotspots” with thermal sensitive test equipment
  • Remove collected dust as appropriate
  • Download data from PFC Controller and record, analyse and advise on recordings
  • Thermal imagining of Capacitor bank and the individual stages
  • Full written and graphic report on condition of bank and recommended repairs

With almost 30 years of experience, Quality Energy are the experts when it has to do with Power Factor Correction Systems