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Why LED Lighting?

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Lighting accounts for a significant portion of a business’s electricity usage, sometimes even up to 25%. This means that making changes to your lighting can in turn reduce electricity demand and your running costs.

Replacing or upgrading old, inefficient bulbs and fittings with newer, more energy-efficient options can save you power and money immediately. LEDs emit more light (lumens) per watt than standard incandescent light bulbs while maintaining a longer rated life.

Imagine what we could save you!

Shopping Centre Lighting Upgrade

Prior to Lighting Upgrade

Post Lighting Upgrade










8,000hrs (3.5yrs)

50,000hrs (10+yrs)




  • Energy efficient commercial LED kits radiate very little heat.
  • This can reduce your cooling cost
  • Do not contain harmful substances such as mercury or lead.

Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting Applications

Our products are suitable for many different applications and as an independent supplier our job is to find exactly the light you are looking for and one that will produce the best possible outcome for your business. 


Quality Energy Capabilities

Quality Energy provides energy saving solutions for both commercial and industrial businesses using a broad range of premium products. With independent advice and over 20 years’ experience working with only the best manufactures, we be certain to find the best deal for your business.


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