What is an energy audit and how can it benefit my business?

An energy audit is the most comprehensive way of identifying opportunities to reduce your energy usage and costs.

The audit process takes an in-depth look at your sites consumption, tariffs, energy wastage and then finds the most cost-effective ways to reduce your running costs.

In addition, we look into your gas and water usage to help identify more opportunities to make your business economical whilst being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Equipment typically assessed in an apartment building energy audit includes:

  • Solar power
  • Building management systems
  • Power factor correction
  • Lighting (fire stair, lobby, and exterior)
  • Ventilation fans (supply and exhaust fans)
  • Car park electricity usage (car park lighting and car park ventilation)
  • Air conditioning (e.g. cooling towers, packaged units, and chillers)
  • Hot water (e.g. electric, natural gas, and solar boosted)
  • Pumps (e.g. cold-water risers)
  • Lifts (e.g. lighting, controllers, and motors)
  • Pools (e.g. heating and filtration)
  • Controls (e.g. variable speed drives, time clocks, and occupancy sensors)

Types of energy audits you might want to consider

Level-1 Energy Audit

A Level-1 Energy Audit acts as a low-grade evaluation of energy use and determines potential energy savings available to you. This type of audit serves as a good first step towards energy efficiency. Precision indicator of a Level-1 Energy Audit is inward of around 40%.

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Level-2 Energy Audit

This type of audit is aimed at businesses who are aware of energy efficiency and intend to reduce their energy consumption. Unlike the previous level, a Level-2 Energy Audit consists of extra steps such as recognising how and where your energy is being used, a load profile analysis (instantaneous demand profile) and formulating an energy performance indicator, for example MWh/unit. It also includes measuring light levels and detecting wasted energy in over lit areas. Precision indicator of a Level-2 Energy Audit is inward of around 20%.

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Level-3 Energy Audit

A Level-3 Energy Audit is the most extensive assessment and provides a thorough economic analysis of energy saving potential. The audit may focus on an entire site, specific areas or target a particular process. To get precise results, energy metering and detailed logging are required as part of the procedure which may impact the final cost. Precision indicator of a Level-3 Energy Audit is inward of around 10%.

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