Earth Leakage Protection and Monitoring Solutions

One of the most important aspects in the implementation of Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001), is to maintain a continuous and reliable supply for the use of electricity in our production processes.

Unwanted stops and interruptions related to cuts in the electric supply generate high economic losses.

At this point, the use of equipment that provides us with high-immunity earth leakage protection in situations of unwanted tripping that is also capable of monitoring insulation in order to report on its state to prevent and then act (as applicable) is paramount.

CIRCUTOR has developed one of the most complete, efficient and safe ranges of earth leakage protection and monitoring systems on the market.

The range consists of electronic earth leakage relays for use with an external earth leakage transformer, and earth leakage transformers and earth leakage relays with an integrated earth leakage transformer.

This comprehensive range gives customers the ability to install immunised earth leakage protection systems in their installations with the best possible solution in terms of the quality and price that they require. From addressing a single crisis situation due to unwanted tripping to the protection and control of a series of lines with permanent leakages and set up of ongoing monitoring of the installation's health.

The relationship between the quality of the earth leakage protection systems and the physical space used in the installation is one of the best indicators that determines the use of our solution in current electrical installations.

CIRCUTOR is and has always been customer-focused, meeting long-standing needs, current needs and especially future needs. We have always believed that one of the engines for continuous innovation is solving the customer's future needs. The technological evolution of our equipment has been constant, year after year.

For years, our earth leakage protection systems have focused on seeking a balance between the safety of persons and property and the guarantee of a high continuity of service at the electrical installations where this protection is being provided.

Our mission is to ensure the comfort of customers by providing solutions to their common problems in electrical installations.

Range of Products

A complete range of products for earth leakage protection and installation monitoring, capable of covering the needs of each installation.

Ultra-Immunised Earth Leakage Relay

Fixed or adjustable earth leakage relays available for the WG / WGC series. Relays with an LCD display that show reclosing and leakage data are ideal for preventive maintenance

RGM1M-0.03 / 0.3 Compatible with WGC
RGE-R / RGE-R1 Compatible with WGC
RGU-10 C / CBS-4 C Compatible with WGC

Earth leakage relay WRU-10


Ø 28 mm

Protection Relays Comparison Table

Classification of models based on needs, installation and features of the model.

RG1M-0.03 RG1M-0.3 RGE-R1 RGE-R RGU-10/C CBS-4/C WRU-10
Customer need
Service continuity (ultra immunised)
Control, telemanagement
Monitoring (Display/PC) only
RGU-10 C
Preventive maintenance (Display/PC)
Pre-alarm (LED/relay)
Use in single-phase installations
Three-phase, with and without neutral
WGC External earth leakage transformers
28Ø Built-in earth leakage transformer
Nominal current line (A) According to the installed WGC earth leakage toroidal transformer 80
Attached to DIN rail
Size in modules 1 1 2 2 3 3 3
Model features
Type A earth leakage protection (ultra-immunised)
Use as instantaneous protection
Use as selective protection
Fixed sensitivity and trip delay
Adjustable sensitivity and trip delay
Number of prealarm outputs 1 1 2
RS-485 Communications, modbus protocol
External input, remote control
Standard IEC 60947-2 Annex M, IEC 62020

Earth Leakage Transformers

Availability of a wide range of earth leakage transformers. Round and rectangular toroidal transformers, both available with a wide range of measurements and operating currents.

Toroidal / oval
WGC series

to high current intensities

Available in:

  • Ø 25 mm
  • Ø 35 mm
  • Ø 55 mm
  • Ø 80 mm
  • Ø 115 mm
  • Ø 140 mm
  • Ø 180 mm *
  • 220x105 mm
  • 350x150 mm
  • 500x200 mm
*please ask

WG series

Available in:

  • Ø 20 mm
  • Ø 30 mm
  • Ø 55 mm
  • Ø 70 mm
  • Ø 105 mm
  • Ø 140 mm
  • Ø 210 mm *

WG series

Available in:

  • 70x175 mm
  • 115x305 mm
  • 150x350 mm
  • 200x500 mm

Installation Options

It covers all possible points of protection from the service entrance (installation connection, upstream of the installation) to the end receiver of the line (downstream of the installation).

Applicable to most neutral systems or schemes, either as a protection system or as a complement and/or monitoring system.

Single-phase installations and three-phase installations, and three-phase with neutral. The whole range is of the type A super high-immunity type to protect against unwanted tripping.

Management and
Monitoring Software

With PowerStudio Scada you can:

  • Guarantee the accurate energy supervision of your installation
  • Achieve the preventive maintenance of all lines and installations

The RGU-10 C and CBS-4 C series use the standardised Modbus/RTU (RS-485) or Modbus/TCP (Ethernet) protools, which can be queried from any other market application.

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