The Client

Located on Melbourne’s renowned Collins Street, Rialto is at the heart of the city’s emerging mid-town. It is the location for many of Melbourne’s big names in finance, law, media, investment, consulting and technology.

Project snapshot


Melbourne CBD

System Size:

800 kVAr

Project Installed:


Key Equipment

Thyristor Switched Power Factor Correction System

Project Warranty

3 years

The Problem

A low power factor was causing large current surges on the lift switchboards and tripping the circuit breakers. CitiPower also stated that the power factor of each supply had to meet a minimum requirement of 0.8.


The Consequences

The lift switchboard was tripping and shutting down areas of the building. There was also the risk that CitiPower would shut down the supply due to their poor power factor issue with power authority regulations.


Our Solution

Quality Energy installed a thyristor-switched capacitor bank on the lift switchboard to cope with the rapidly changing load of the lift circuits. If a standard contactor switched capacitor bank is used on such a rapidly varying load, the capacitor bank response would be too slow to maintain the correct power factor and combat the large surging of the load. A Thyristor switched unit will react in milliseconds, maintain the power factor at the predetermined level and keep the load fluctuations as low as possible.


The Benefits

After this installation, the Rialto enjoyed improved reliability and safety. Further  financial benefit was gained in 2017 when CitiPower switched from kW to kVA demand charges.