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The Rialto is a high-rise office building with 63 floors and 3 basement floors in Melbourne’s CBD.


A low power factor was causing large current surges on the lift switchboards and tripping the circuit breakers.


The lift switchboard was tripping and shutting down areas of the building. There was also an issue with power authority regulations.


We installed a thyristor switched capacitor bank on the lift switchboard to cope with the rapidly changing load of the lift circuits.

If a standard contactor switched capacitor bank is used on such a rapidly varying load, the capacitor bank response would be too slow to maintain the correct power factor and combat the large surging of the load.

A Thyristor switched unit will react in milliseconds, maintain the power factor at the predetermined level and keep the load fluctuations as low as possible.


After this installation, the Rialto enjoyed improved reliability and safety as well as reduced costs.

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