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Melbourne Airport is a major international airport and the second busiest in Australia. It services over 30 million passengers per year.


The airport had a low power factor and harmonic pollution issues.


These issues lead to an increased demand on the switchboards and associated switchgear, difficulties with power authority regulations, and pollution in their electrical system.


Initially we carried out an onsite power quality audit

We then recommended a number of measures:

  • The installation of 500kVar capacitor banks on each of the four switchboards covered by the audit;
  • The installation of a 100Amp Active Harmonic Filter on each of the four switchboards; and
  • The installation of a Lovato DCRG8 power factor correction controller on each of the four capacitor banks to allow for remote monitoring.

Melbourne Airport went ahead with these recommendations.


The power quality audit helped determine the severity of the issues and assist with finding the best possible solution.

By installing the 500kVAr capacitor banks the airport’s power factor went from less than 0.88 inductive to a stable 0.98 inductive.

The four 100 Amp Active Harmonic Filters were installed to reduce the total harmonic distortion – voltage (THD-V) from over 6% to less than 1 %.

Finally, we now remotely monitor the airport’s capacitor banks performance and the harmonic levels at the airport via Synergy online monitoring. This means we can quickly notify the airport of any faults or failures.​

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